The Last Hurrah

Apologies for the lateness of my draft, I did not plan my time so well for this assignment.

Please find my spreadsheet and word doc uploaded for you to review.  Most appreciative of all comments and feedback.

I have not completed step two.  At this stage, I only have the investment decision written up and am yet to do the calculations but please let me know if you think the investment decision sounds feasible and looks ok.  I am still yet to compare my ratios with others or benchmarks so I am aware I have not covered this in step one.

Clarius Group ASS#3

Clarius Group Spreadsheet 2016

2 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah

  1. Step 1
    • Calculation of ratios
    • Ratios – commentary (blog)
    • Calculate economic profit
    • Commentary – drivers of economic profit (blog)

    The first thing that I have noticed about the spreadsheet is that you have a lot of negative numbers in your Ratio sheet. I remember in the lecture that we are not meant to have negative numbers. Try putting a ‘-‘ before the formula and this should help you out a bit. Everything else in the Ratios tab seems to be pretty good. I have read your commentary within the word document that you uploaded. I really think you have defiantly hit the nail on the head here  awesome work!

    Step 2
    • Develop capital investment decision for your firm
    • Calculation of payback period, NPV and IRR
    • Recommendation and discussion

    The NPV and IRR sheet appears to be incomplete. Is there a reason for this? You have definitely made plenty of comments in your document about your NPV. Could I suggest that you snip and paste some of the discussions you have had on the forum and put them into your document. I know you have been helping a lot of peers. Great work once again!

    Step 3
    • Individual feedback with other students

    I haven’t been able to see any feedback that you have provided others, have you done this step yet?

    Overall ASS#3

    Overall I think you have rocked this assignment once again and great work!


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