Splash – A fish out of water

I came across a great blog post recently, written by a coach in the recruitment industry.  Its up on my Business Time! page but you can also access it directly here.

It asks if the new CEO, Peter Wilson, is a breath of fresh air for the company or perhaps a fish out of water.  Peter had a meteoric rise through Datacom before moving over to the Clarius Group but can his skills translate successfully to a much more people-centric business?

Peter has been quick to criticise the old CEO and management and tell us how bad things were.  He

  …”wants to shift the company’s business focus from “old world” to new and cost-effective recruitment ideas that make the best use of technology and data.¹

Peter definitely has the skills to run the managed services side, which includes IT services and payroll, as this was also part of Datacom’s bread and butter.  Hopefully he can grow these to a point where Clarius is not so dependent on the revenue from recruitment.

However, the company seems to have gone backwards in its media exposure since he took over.  I see this as a simplified indicator of how well the company is grasping technology and also how engaged he is in the wider community.

Peter is sitting in a very strategic position at the moment.  A poor 2015 performance has been blamed on scapegoats who have left the company, so at this stage, people are not questioning his leadership abilities.  In fact, so many ‘one-off’ costs, provisions and write offs were made, he could still run things poorly and the 2016 report still would not look as bad!

Let us hope Peter does not have any secret surprises in store when he is splashed with water and uses the blog suggestions to become a success in the recruitment industry  😉

  1. Clennet, R 2015 ‘Out-of-industry CEOs: A breath of fresh air or a cocky fish-out-of-water’, blog post, 4 June, http://blog.rossclennett.com/2015/06/out-of-industry-ceos-breath-of-fresh.html

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